New Now Design Dash. From post-its to prototype in just 5 days.

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A Product Design Sprint is a series of workshops and exercises with the common goal to understand your most pressing business challenge right now and come up with the best possible solution in no time.

Whether you are right at the beginning of your project, you want to pivot & re-orientate or you are evaluating a Spin Off: Our 5-Day Design Dash is the best way to create valuable and actionable insights on your product.

Be smart.
Don't spend trillions on ideas that won't work!

Within a week of intense workshops, your team and us face and understand your most important challenge right now, develop tons of solutions, pick the best one and build a prototype. On the last day, we have it tested by real users and collect insights which would have stayed in the realm of shadows otherwise.

Knowing your user plays the most decisive role in the success of your idea.

A week packed with healthy snacks, insights and actionable outcomes.